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“Wei, Old Four?” In the confusion, He Feizhou replied, “You’re back?…… Oh, right, did you see it? En, we’re at MiLa restaurant, Lu Ying’s birthday. …….The party will probably go on for a while, we’re playing games. Bye.” Ending the call, He Feizhou joined the battle group again, “Come, come. Let’s start.”

“The second round of the game is about to start”. From the tone of his voice, Xiao Jing appeared as though still drowsy. Xia Li, who’d spectated during the first match, aggressively joined: “I’m coming too! I’m a newcomer, so you need to go a little easier on me!”

“That’s enough. If you’re still making mistakes with such simple rules, you can just be punished if you lose!” Lu Ying handed Xia Li a card while giggling, before dealing the remaining cards to the others in succession.

Mr. Strong* who had an abacus in his heart** calmly took the card and couldn’t help but laugh: Unexpectedly he’d actually drawn a blank card! It really was a godsend. Originally he’d planned for an extra blank card to appear during this round of the game. If the win wasn’t acknowledged, the demand also couldn’t be too excessive. It was just that right now…

*T/N: Nickname for Xu Zijin. I’ve been told is sounds good in Chinese ah! **T/N: To have an abacus in one’s heart is to have calculated all possible outcomes … I want one QAQ

Mr. Strong looked gloomily toward Shen Mu. What kind of straight guy was a damn GAY pretending to be? If I don’t make you lose a layer of skin today, then Laozi won’t be surnamed Xu!

Shen Mu received the cards for the new round, this time the card contained the two words “youtiao”* (油条). Youtiao…… a kind of Chinese-style breakfast. In that case its synonym should also be a two word Chinese-style breakfast, what is it…… is it sesame balls? But that doesn’t feel quite right……

*T/N: Youtiao: Deep-fried bread stick

Shen Mu had always had the impression that there were many varieties of Chinese-style breakfast food, but now that he actually had to think about it, he couldn’t remember the name of a single one no matter what. Shen Mu thought for a long time. Other than Ma Tuan*, youtiao could be dipped in a spicy pepper soup, with some added vinegar playing an essential role in adding to the culinary taste . While Shen Mu was preoccupied with his thoughts, the second game had started with Xia Li. She took the lead and said: “It’s very common.”

*T/N: Sesame balls. See the end of the post for images of all the food!

Youtiao was very common…… for the same reason, synonyms for youtiao were also very common…… Xia Li’s answer was correct, but also equivalent to having said nothing. It was also understandable if the first person to describe their allotted words was fairly vague. It was only that the word “very common” was also a little too “nonspecific”. She wouldn’t happen to have drawn a blank card, would she?

The order of speakers this time went anti-clockwise. Xia Li had replaced Xiao Jing and taken the tenth number plate, but the second to speak was still No. 9, Bai Luo. She seemed to have long been prepared and she used the same wording that she’d used in the first round, saying with a smile: “It’s very delicious!”

“Can’t be drunk.” Shen Mu said, raising his eyebrows.

“It exists in the school.” No. 7 said confidently.


“Everyone has seen it.” Lin Huiru seemed to be a little tired after becoming tipsy, and had no energy.

Su Yingxing: “It can be eaten for breakfast.” As the round progressed, the scope of available descriptions gradually narrowed, and statements weren’t as general as before.

Mr. Strong, who’d already seen the cards, was well aware of words that the undercover and the ordinary players had received, but displayed an awkward look on the surface that said  ‘all the descriptive words have been stolen by you guys’. Only after thinking for a while did he frown and say: “It has a long shape.”


“It can be eaten as sweet or savoury!” The second last person to speak was the newly appointed hero, long underwear pants*, Du Lanyu. This time, Du Lanyu was full of confidence.

*T/N: Qiu pants hero. I could be wrong here but it seems to be a reference to a type of long underwear in China that looks similar to leggings and is called Qiu Ku; Qiu, meaning autumn, Ku, meaning pants. They are designed solely for warmth and have been given the nickname ‘Chill Cool’ by Chinese netizens based on its pronounciation. Presumably Du Lanyu was wearing these and got given the nickname ‘Qiu pants hero’. For any Chinese speakers, the original is 秋裤英雄杜澜宇.

“It’s very oily.” Finished the younger sister who was in 11th and last place for the current round. Lu Ying directed everyone to start voting. The first few seconds were slightly more chaotic. Gradually, everyone took action without prior consultation, simultaneously pointing to Shen Mu and Du Lanyu.

Lu Ying: “I’ll count……”

“???” Shen Mu, “Wait, you think about it, can the word you received be consumed as a drink?! I’m not the person who is undercover!”

With this remark, a few fingers that were pointing towards Shen Mu turned to Du Lanyu.

“???” Du Lanyu woke from his dumbfounded state and spared no effort to struggle, “Wait, wait again?! Think about it, can’t the word you received be consumed as both sweet and savoury?”

“It’s you!” “It’s definitely you!” Most of the fingers pointed at Du Lanyu.

“???” Du Lanyu struggled to resist, “I’m not an undercover, your way of eating is wrong!”

“It’s definitely him!” “Vote him!”

Except for a few who abstained from voting, everyone voted for Du Lanyu and he was voted out.

“Congratulations everyone!” Lu Ying’s long ponytail actively swung with her light movements, “Du Lanyu is out! And the game continues!”

The rule of Who is the undercover was that once all the undercovers are out, then the good side will win. However, once there are more undercovers remaining than the good people, then the undercovers win. The identity of the person who is voted out is not announced midway. Although Du Lanyu’s identity is unknown, everyone had full confidence in their own vote.

The second round of speeches continued, starting with the person next to Du Lanyu. Student No. 13 who ridiculed Du Lanyu: “How can it taste salty, it’s sweet!” He turned to Mr Strong who was next to him, “Right , Zi Jin?”

Mr Strong–Xu Zijin also fooled around with him: “It’s salty, how can it taste sweet!”

“Hahahahahahaha!” Du Lanyu took the lead in laughing, causing laughter to fill the scene, and Shen Mu almost laughed till he was out of breath. Laughter was contagious, and after laughing, everyone started to hiccup, which triggered a new round of laughter that could not be stopped.

“Okay, okay…” Lu Ying stopped her laughter with great difficulty, until her tears almost came out, “Don’t say so much, you can only use one phrase to describe…”

“Salty.” Su Yingxing directly said.

Lin Huiru, who had always followed along with Su Yingxing, showed a hesitant look for the first time: “Isn’t it … sweet?”

“Pu…” Shen Mu couldn’t help resting his head on the back of the chair, shaking as he laughed. Du Lanyu, who was out, coolly said with his arms around Lu Ying: “There are too many undercovers this round!”

“Okay! You can’t repeat it! Start again from you,” Lu Ying said to Su Yingxing. “If you  break the rules again then you are directly out”

“En…” Su Ying star was brainwashed with those salty and sweet jokes, and was somewhat stumped, “Can be eaten dry.”

“Can be eaten wet! “Lin Huiru immediately responded, before feeling that something did not seem right, “I meant to say that it can be dipped and eaten!”

Dipped and eaten, it should be youtiao! Shen Mu had once suspected that he was undercover, since how could youtiao be sweet. Yet hearing Lin Huiru’s description now, he felt that he had no problem-in the last round, Mr Strong who had said that it was long was not voted out, the long thing can also be dipped and eaten. Don’t tell me it was a long dumpling! It could only be youtiao, but Lin Huiru also said that it was sweet? How could youtiao be eaten sweet, there was either the original flavor or dipped in spicy soup…

I lost my memory, and I can’t even think of a type of breakfast… Shen Mu felt somewhat lost and casually described: “Sometimes crunchy.”

“Sometimes soft too!” The next person also seemed to lack imagination, immediately using the prompt.


Finishing the round, Xia Li, who had used the description of “can be bought online”, was outed.

“Hu… The air-con is so warm, aren’t you guys hot?” Xia Li fanned herself with her hand, pushing the door of the room half open.

The third round began, everyone’s description had no big issues. They then remembered Shen Mu, who was almost voted out on the first day. Although Shen Mu tried to defend himself, he was still voted out since no one knew who else they should vote for.

“Hahaha silly!” Du Lanyu sat on an empty stool beside Shen Mu, patting Shen Mu as he laughed, “Did you think that just by sacrificing me, they would let you go hahahaha!”

Shen Mu is also a little dumbfounded, quietly asking, “Was I killed unjustly?”

Du Lanyu finished laughing, taking out his card and flipping it to show Shen Mu. The word “youtiao” was written on top. The undercover should have gotten the words fried dough twist.”

“… How do you eat sweet youtiao? Aren’t all youtiao salty?” Shen Mu still found this somewhat unbelievable.

“Dipped in soy milk hahahahahahahahaha!” Du Lanyu said the first few words very quietly, and in the end, his laughter gradually became more unbridled, attracting everyone’s attention.


After a few more rounds, the good people were gradually outed, and when only three people were left, Lu Ying announced the end of the game: “The good side lost!”

In the three remaining people, there was a pitiful good person who had gotten youtiao, Xu Zijin who had gotten the blank card and the undercover Su Yingxing.

Su Yingxing smiled as he flipped over the card, revealing the three words “fried dough twist” written on its surface. Lin Huiru’s eyes widened in disbelief: “But in the first round, didn’t you say that we could have it for breakfast? Did you already know that we’d gotten the word ‘youtiao’?”

“Fried dough twists can also be eaten for breakfast.” Su Yingxing smiled, “On the first day, I was genuinely unaware that I had drawn the role of undercover.”

“Not bad Susu, such good luck!” Du Lanyu draped an arm around Su Yingxing’s shoulders, “Come come, draw a card! Let big bro see who is the next unlucky one!”

“No one would be more unlucky than you!” Su Yingxing said with a smile. However after randomly taking a card from Lu Ying’s shuffled pile, his complexion changed, “Let’s not do this, I want to redraw.”

“Hahahahahaha!” Du Lanyu gave the card a glance, and almost died of laughter, “How did you manage to draw yourself? You drew your own card hahahahaha! Can’t redraw, the rules were set at the beginning hahaha, whoever you draw has to do it. You can now draw your own truth or dare card!”

“Right right, you can’t redraw!” Everyone else immediately supported Du Lanyu. Su Yingxing had no choice but to helplessly submit, casually drawing a truth or dare card with a bitter smile. Bai Luo’s eyes shone so much that they were about to fly over, and how could Su Yingxing be unaware of what she was thinking? His peripheral vision subconsciously swept over Shen Mu who was laughing together with Du Lanyu. He gave a sigh of relief in his heart, remembering the headache-inducing scene that had taken place three months ago. He could faintly feel that things wouldn’t end quite so easily and this uneasy feeling, in addition to the alcohol he’d drunk which seemed to have fermented in his brain, caused his head to hurt even more.

Lin Huiru cared about this matter even more than Bai Luo. She pulled Bai Luo, who had crowded over, away and moved herself closer: “Truth? What is the name of a member of the opposite sex that you care about the most in your heart right now?” After reading the words written, Lin Huiru’s face blushed first, looking at Su Yingxing with anticipation, along with the rest of the clamouring crowd.

Seeing this question, whoever Su Yingxing had thought of made his eyes appear as though they were concealing the barest trace of a smile. Lin Huiru became even more nervous, but Du Lanyu suddenly had a face of enlightenment: “Oh ~ I know who Su Su likes! The younger schoolmate who danced at the elementary school during the New Year’s party ~ The one called Youyou!”

Su Yingxing immediately pulled him away before pushing him into Lu Ying’s arms: “What are you talking about, are you familiar with her? Go and find your A’Ying!” Although the action was violent, his tone tacitly approved of Du Lanyu’s words.

Youyou? Shen Mu sat up from the stool, subconsciously asking: “Xie You?”

Su Yingxing’s eyes flashed with a trace of astonishment: “You know her? Aren’t you…” He had wanted to ask, ‘didn’t you only just come back today, how did you meet a freshman student’? Suddenly, feeling Bai Luo’s scorching gaze, he immediately became guarded, refining his words, “She is Xie You.”

Although he was seemingly replying to Shen Mu’s question, the tone he used indicated that he was actually answering Lin Huiru.

Lin Huiru’s eyes reddened immediately. Unable to control herself, she stood up from her seat: “How can you be like this? You know, you know that tonight I… how could you do this to me!”

The situation was somewhat out of control for a while, and Lu Ying couldn’t help but develop a headache: She hadn’t invited Lin Huiru, but Lin Huiru had instead come across Du Lanyu and Su Yingxing while they were on their way here. Apparently, she’d indicated that she wanted to come along with Su Yingxing, and before Du Lanyu could speak, Xi Zijin had already agreed. What was with this situation?

A headache was a headache, she still had to take charge of the present situation. Just as Lu Ying was about to speak, Xu Zijin rushed to Lin Huiru’s side, gently patting her on the shoulders to comfort her, before leaning forward to whisper into her ear. They couldn’t hear what he was saying, but the two were in very close proximity to each other. Lin Huiru’s emotions gradually stabilized, and lifting her head, she glanced at something, unexpectedly revealing a smile. Upon seeing this, Xu Zijin said to Lu Ying: “It’s all good, birthday girl. There is another winner, aren’t you guys curious?”

Lu Ying, seeing that he’d pacified Lin Huiru, loosened a breath, however she still thought that it’d be better to quickly end this gathering. She nodded and said: “En, it isn’t early now. Zi Jin, we should quickly wrap this up and go back, there are still classes tomorrow!”

“Roger that!” Xu Zijin expressed his agreement, “Let me pick a good player. They will be the one to provide us with a marvelous ending!” At this point, Xu Zijin carefully selected a numbered card, as though he was performing a magic trick, which caused the girls to burst into giggles.

“This is it!” Seeing his marked target, Xu Zijin pulled it out with a face full of expectation, and then he gave Shen Mu a smile filled with unknown meaning, slowly turning over the card in his hand. It was actually an “8” “,”He!”

Shen Mu’s heart was shaken and he instantly felt that something wasn’t right, but Xu Zijin immediately began to draw the truth and dare card: “This one then!” Xu Zijin randomly drew a card, but before he could take hold of it, the card fell to the ground. Xu Zijin hurriedly stooped down in order to be the first to pick it up, and, taking advantage of the time spent picking up the card, he stealthily slipped in another card that was hidden in his cuff. He also seized an opportunity to stuff the original card into his thick winter boots, holding the replaced card in his hand. Xu Zijin’s forehead became beaded with a few drops of

 perspiration, excitement emerging in his heart —— when he’d hidden the cards in his sleeve before while no one was paying attention, he’d taken quite a few containing outrageous punishments. Only, he didn’t know which one he’d just drawn.

Xu Zijin moved to stand up, turning the card over in his hand. Du Lanyu leaned over: “Dare? It’s…” After reading the contents of the card, the expression on his face couldn’t help but become slightly queer. Xu Zijin laughed after he read it, flipping the card over in his hand: successfully invite a person of the same sex who was present at the scene to kiss for 10 seconds.

Everyone’s complexion instantly became strange.

“Oh my god! It’s this card!” Bai Luo couldn’t help calling out excitedly, and Xiao Jing, who’d been sleeping on the side, finally had no choice but to wake up. She linked hands with Bai Luo, her eyes stealthily swirling between Shen Mu and Su Yingxing. Bai Luo also didn’t continue paying attention to the card anymore. Instead, both her hands were tightly interlinked with Xiao Jing’s.

“How about we let it pass and redraw another card. This request is too outlandish.” said Lu Ying. Feeling that the atmosphere was slightly off, she tried to salvage the situation.

“If you don’t complete this then it’s counted as a task failure, you’ll have to punish yourself by drinking three cups. Everyone came out to play, we can’t break the rules of the game!” Xu Zijin insincerely smiled as he grabbed the wine cup and placed it on the table, “If you can’t afford the stakes then don’t play, some people laugh the happiest when others are punished but when it changes to himself, then he no longer wants to play?”

He Feizhou knitted his brows, saying: “What do you mean, Shen Mu had just returned to school today, and his body hasn’t recovered yet, so he can’t drink that much.”

Who could have expected that his roommate Zhu Meng would oppose him: “Not necessarily? If he can’t drink then he can’t drink. Playing and eating so much and nothing happens, but then he suddenly becomes a patient based on what you say. Whether this is a real or fake disease, don’t you know in your heart?

“Susu, why don’t you sacrifice something.” Du Lanyu frowned, looking at the unyielding Xu Zijin with a somewhat cold look in his eyes, before turning to softly speak to Su Yingxing with a smile.

“Get lost, go sacrifice yourself.” Su Yingxing’s gaze swept past Xu Zijin before looking at Lin Huiru, and keenly felt that something was not right.

The atmosphere became a little stiff, the girls who were not very sensitive and had stayed out of the mess were still looking forward to the show. Several of them had already turned on their phones, and Xia Li stepped forward: “Then don’t drink, just kiss someone ~ Shen Mu, who do you want to kiss, go and tell him!”

Shen Mu gave Xia Li a friendly smile, yet as he looked away, his gaze was filled with coldness. Xu Zijin had definitely done something with the cards, but he didn’t know where he had hidden the original card, and he also couldn’t search his body. Shen Mu’s eyes fell on Lin Huiru, Lin Huiru was also staring at Shen Mu. Seeing that he had looked over, Lin Huiru gave Shen Mu a glance, before looking at the wine on the table, her smile couldn’t cover up her malice at all.

“What, did you finish thinking about it? Will you complete the dare, or accept the punishment?” Xu Zijin asked leisurely.

Shen Mu smiled contemptuously, his gaze attentively moving from Xu Zijin’s head to his toes. Xu Zijin was immediately shamed into anger. “You…” Yet he saw Shen Mu pick up the wine glass to fill it up, before smiling: “The first cup.”

Seeing that Shen Mu decided to drink, Bai Luo’s eyes flashed with clear disappointment, while an unknown light flashed through Lin Huiru’s eyes.

Shen Mu picked up the wine glass, and just as he was prepared to drink it all, an icy hand grabbed his wrist, before gently taking the wine glass away and placing it on the nearby table.

“An Yu? When did you get here, did you just come over? There were so many people that I didn’t notice you. It’s already so late, how come…” Seeing the person who had arrived, Lu Ying happily greeted him. Halfway through his words, his eyes abruptly widened, his words were also forgotten. 

Shen Mu watched him appear like this in front, with the crystalline light reflected on his body, the light and darkness interlaced for an instant, and even the fine water droplets that had formed on his eyelashes due to the heat could be seen. The familiar eyebrows no longer contained the previous ignorance and innocence, instead carrying an indescribable cold aura. Obviously this was his first time seeing this, yet Shen Mu felt his heart beating rapidly, as though it was an instinctive reaction, proclaiming that this should have been his original appearance.

Little 8-An Yu turned around and smiled at Shen Mu. It was a light smile, yet Shen Mu felt that it contained dazzling color, he must savour it slowly in the future. An Yu’s eyes contained an almost imperceptible smiling expression, before he directly kissed Shen Mu. Shen Mu’s brain suddenly crashed, but his arms instinctively encircled him in a tight embrace, his lips feeling a slightly cool touch, and the person in his arms also embraced him. Iced blueberry wine, Shen Mu’s brain slowly restarted, but only this thought remained.

“Pa!” Not knowing who had dropped the glass in their hand, the scene became completely silent.

Translator’s Corner

Salted Fish: Sorry for the late release! Because this chapter was so long (~2 times the length of a normal chapter), it took a long time to translate. Apologies, we’re too busy with exams QAQ, the normal schedule should resume the third of July!

Lin: This chapter … really too long ah! I need some reincarnation pills … this body has exceeded its use-by date, needs replacement UwU.

Kitcat: Ah, ah, am I the only human here? Little eight has appeared ah! 

Kitcat: Also, sorry! Because of my exams, I didn’t get to edit the entire chapter. When I get time I’ll update the chapter with corrections!

And, for anyone who’s curious …

Fried dough sticks
Sesame Balls or ‘Ma Tuan’

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  1. Okay so … it can’t be that one of my favourite novels doesn’t have at least one comment! So – here I go!

    Question: Where do I begin? Or better yet – how do i begin?
    Answer: With the beginning of this lovely (not so) little chapter ~

    First off – This game … I have never seen drunk people play such a game and I must admit: it sounds hella fun! … At least if you don’t have people as insipid as that annoying little gremlin called Xu Zijin. I just dont like this poor excuse of a human being. Maybe that will change? At present though – screw you XZ!

    The gameround itself though … makes me hungry. I read ‘deep fried bread stick’ and all of these little descriptions they came up with and the only thing on my mind was: I wanna eat that. Maybe because I haven’t had dinner yet. Maybe. Or maybe it’s just because these descriptions sound really good ~
    Regardless – lmao they just singled Du Lanyu out. Again, poor boy. And what kind of excuse is `Your way of eating is wrong?` he deserved it. Even though he wasn’t an Undercover xD

    I love the laughter and the second round of this game – it’s nice. And not nearly as serious as what the death game is like. Kind of healing, isn’t it? And I must say: I like Du Lanying – he is the comedic relief of this chapter. Seriously though – dipped in soy milk? I … I don’t think that would taste good? How? I just … Can I just give up on his taste in food?

    And the side drama with Lin Huiru and Su Yingxing – what did you expect girl? You invited yourself over and hoped everything would go as oyu wanted it to? Dream on. And I agree with Lu Ying: What’s with that situation?
    Xie You – wasn’t she the girl, that brought the cute little cat back to it’s owner? Or am I remembering that wrong?

    What I absolutely abhor are scheming people. Sadly both XZ and LH fall under this category. I mean. They whisper to each other, the girls emotions stabilizes while she looks at something and she reveals a smile? And then there is another winner? They absolutely want to drug Shen Mu. Or something similar. I can’t imagine anything else. Even though I want to think better of students. But schemig people are scheming people and age seldomly plays a role in these cases … Or innocence. Though the question remains if they had the latter in the first place ….

    I mean …. This scum male …. this blackened personality changes the card without even looking? Aren’t you afraid they’d find out that a) some cards are missing and b) it was one of the cards originally taken from the deck?

    Bai Luo and Xiao Jing – are these two fangrils? Are they rotten? Their reactions are awfully suspicious xD
    Lu Ying still tries to save the day, He Feizhou tries to save his roommate – Sadly it won’t work. But you tried! That’s the important thing.
    Zhu Meng …. what is his problem? And what the fudge is with ‘Whether this is a real or fake disease, don’t you know in your heart’. What is wrong with you? Why would anyone ever lie about getting amnesia?? After lying in a coma ? What is wrong wth you??

    Sadly, Shen Mu can’t really do anything about it. I like his reaction though – just shame him into anger! Though … please don’t drink whatever is in the cup. You know it’s a trap. please don’t fall into it. You know better than that.

    And now at last: my favourite part of this chapter. The part whre I was simply sqealing in joy (And forebearance)! Ahhh – the wine is gone and An Yu comes to the rescue! (I also liked the little tidbit of information of Lu Ying being shocked into silence – you go boy!)
    This paints such a beatiful picture ~ Yes Shen Mu – savour his smile fore the future. Though you probably won’t need to. I’m sure you will se it often enough ;p
    Their first kiss – that was honestly one of the best ‘first kiss’ scenes I’ve read. Little 8 kissed him and SM brain directly crashes. That’s how first kisses should go. And they instinctively embraced each other – that’s so sweet! Shen Mu is completely out of it – I’m proud of our little ML :3 I have hoped, that he would appear soon – and he did!

    And someone dropped their glass. I can’t wait for the next chapter!

    This was a very good, though also a very long chapter! The majority is not very Shen Mu-centric, but it was a nice chapter and it was also quite interesting to see little snippets of the other characters thoughts.

    To out it in a nutshell: You all did a wonderful job! Thank you for the chapter and stay healthy! And good luck with your exams!^-^

    P.S.: Sorry for the long comment. I feel like back in school when we should do short assignments and my mind was like: DO IT PERFECTLY. And then nothing was short or easy xD But I am proud of this comment :3 Sorry for all the errors or probably missing words though ~

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    1. Thanks for your comment! Our translators are continuing to work hard despite the exams but the whole team (including myself) is under pressure. We’re hoping to use this time to stabilise ourselves so this sort of delay doesn’t happen again. Thank you for your understanding and wish us luck!


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